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"Say it. Tell me who you really love. Tell me."

"….. Netflix…"

Waiting for Blue Jasmine to come to SF. Has anyone got any film suggestions until them?


REVIEW: Blue Jasmine is Woody Allen’s Most Intricately Constructed Film in 20 Years by Kevin Ketchum

Woody Allen has carved a long career out of psychoanalyzing characters’ neuroses, illnesses, and mental obstacles. More often than not, it’s been a potent mixture of affecting drama and self-aggrandizing humor in keeping with Allen’s own sense of himself, and he’s often toyed with the idea of our perception being our reality.
In recent years, that exploration of reality has gotten more and more literal, particularly in 2011’s Midnight in Paris, which found a screenwriter turned author traveling through time while searching for inspiration in his own life. While that film used the question of reality to further the protagonist’s own positive growth, in Blue Jasmine, Allen turns completely inward to observe a life spiraling out of control like an insect circling the drain, waiting for someone to finally just flush it down.
Grade: A
Click here to read the rest of Kevin’s rave review.

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I just saw Fruitvale Station and I’m crying.

Fruitvale Station is so Powerful!!!!


……and the director, Ryan Coogler, is only 27!!!


Some Summer Reading going on…
Well, not EXACTLY right when the picture was taken.
The book had to be closed.
You know.
To show the cover.
But shortly afterwards, I assure you, I was reading like crazy!
I can’t wait to see the movie!

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sometimes you’ve just gotta realize

that your text post won’t get more than seven notes

but it’s just so damn hard

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